Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hippo?

Hippo is a mobile app that connects photographers and editors for creative, inspiring photo collaborations. Head over to Hippo’s Instagram to see examples of collabs powered by the app!

We are a community of talented artists who love creating and editing beautiful imagery. We do this voluntarily and no one is obligated to work an anything in particular.

That’s cool! But what if I want to make sure my photos get edited?

If you're a brand or individual in need of timely professional edits for your content, please contact us and we will assemble the perfect editing team for your needs!

What sort of photos should I submit?

You should submit your very best unedited photos. Landscapes, architecture and creative portraits do well. Selfies, pets and food photos, not so much. Submitted content is vetted for quality.

Please only submit photos that belong to you. Hippo has a zero-tolerance policy for stolen content.

I submitted photos but they aren't being edited. Am I doing something wrong?

Hippo is home to thousands of high-quality photos from users all over the world. The better your submitted photo is, the more likely it is to get edited! Beautiful nature scenes, portraits and interesting architecture are the most edited photos on the app.

My edit disappeared, what happened to it?

Anyone can delete anything they have submitted on Hippo at any time. Sometimes users will decide to delete photos they have submitted to Hippo even after they have been edited by someone else. When this happens all associated edits of their photo will also be removed from the app.